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Eva Vondrusová

  • Tourist Guide of Czech Republic for incoming and outgoing services
  • Official Guide of Prague and Jewish Town
  • Member of Czech Association of Tourist Guides
tel.: +420 602 618 354
IČ: 65595670

CAT guide Eva is a professional guide of  Czech Republic for incoming and outgoing  services.
She is an Official Guide of Prague , Jewish Town in Prague and a Member of Czech Association of Tourist Guides .
You can plan together a journey through towns or history according to your choice. You can visit with her - Prague, Kutná  Hora, Plzen, The Area of Lednice -Valtice , Dobříš,The Holly Mountain  Příbram,  Jindřichův Hradec, Český Krumlov  and other places.
CAT guide She loves animals as they have accompanied her life since her childhood. Therefore her motto on her web page is a cat that can know the way...
She loves horseriding, tennis, scubadiving, cycling, trekking and skiing.
She has travelled  in Virgin Islands, Dominica,Thailand,Indonesia, Maledives, Mexico, Hongkong, India,Malaysia, Nepal, Canada, USA and Europe.
In 2012 she spent  a few months  in Nepal as a voluntary teacher.
When travelling, she tries  to blend in with the locals. She  usually travels  for work and fun.

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