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Four Seasons in Prague

Spring in Prague

Swing into Spring - that is like rebirth as people are eagely waiting for the first Sun beams and the first flowers. Spring is freshly green and the trees will get dressed into flowers and green leaves.. more information >

Summer in Prague

Cheerful Summer – there is space for open air fun. Our children and students are on holiday during July and August. There are regional markets with local products from farmers, street music festivals with local bands or Summer music festivals.. more information >

Autumn in Prague

Nostalgic Fall – as per the written records even future King and Emperor Rudolf II. got in love with Prague at the age of 10 during the coronation of his father . The ceremony of coronation in the sunlit St. Vitus Cathedral influenced his sensitive soal.The colour transformation in September in 1562 astonished him.. more information >

Winter in Prague

Chilly Winter is Christmas and sparkling lights during Advent Markets . You will enjoy the snowy delights during that period. Our Nature is sleeping but Winter can create magical pictures in the street or in the mountains. more information >

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