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A great escape from Prague, just to relax one day trip.

Bohemian Switzerland Natural Park with Pravcicka Gate is located 130 kms from Prague to  the North.

Wonderful scenery with spectacular rock formations, narrow passes, view towers nearby  to the German boarder await your discovery.

Many  years ago, there used to be a  sea where the sand from surrounding rivers and streams was placed at its bottom. After the sea had gone,  strange shapes of sandstone rocks were created. The unique formation of stones  will inspire our imagination.

It could be done as  one day trip that  covers around 15km walk plus 1,5km on boat. The ideal starting point is Mezní Louka (parking location). We can continue to Pravcicka Gate, the largest  rock bridge in Europe  and then the next part of journey is combined with the boat rides through the canyons on the Kamenice river. Two sections of the trail are passable only by boat – Edmund Gorge (also known as Quiet Gorge) and Wild Gorge. Those  boats  are  driven by amusing ferrymen.


Labske Sandstone and Tisá

Tisá and its surrounding is a rocky area at the border with Germany. Located 105kms from Prague and  17kms from Ustí nad Labem.

   You can find there the rocky towns full of many rocky columns, caves and other very interesting and strange  shapes. With some fantasy you can discover strange animals, faces or fairy  tales figures.

Tisá walls are divided into two parts – the big and the small walls and they both are connected with an educational trail.

Tisá is a paradise for trekking even with children, climbing, cycling and cross-country skiing.You cna just walk, breathe fresh air and enjoy …


Take comfortable shoes and rucksacks. There are admission fees upon entry to both places.

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